Background information

Project READ was planned for Derbyshire schools by DEIPB and the SSIF application was led on their behalf by Osmaston CE Primary School in partnership with the School Development Support Agency (SDSA). The DEIPB worked with local Teaching Schools, the Local Authority and the SDSA to deliver this programme. 43 schools across Derbyshire were supported through Project READ.

About the Derbyshire Education Improvement Partnership Board (DEIPB)

The DEIPB was formed to improve the life chances of all children in education establishments across Derbyshire. DEIPB consists of professionals representing schools across all phases including Teaching School Alliances (TSA), the Diocese of Derby (DBE), a Multi Academy Trust (MAT) and the Local Authority (LA).

The DEIPB is responding to a shift towards a more autonomous, self-improving and diverse school-led system within which all partners need to collaborate to ensure excellent provision for all children and young people across Derbyshire. The DEIPB vision is “Great Partnerships, Great Learning, Great Futures”.

The role of the DEIPB is to offer proportionate support and challenge as the strategic champion of children, families and communities and to take prompt action to prevent failure. Schools are expected to participate collaboratively, having regard for the potential impact on their own pupils and the wider community. All partners are committed to providing high quality, reliable services valued by schools with our best endeavours characterised by collaboration and working together as part of the Derbyshire family, rather than working in isolation.

The DEIPB has agreed to prioritise the following:

  • Engagement – An ambition that all schools are connected to a TSA, MAT, LA, DBE, or other partnership/alliance as a giver and/or receiver of support
  • Communication – Ensuring that the regional and locally agreed priorities are communicated to all Derbyshire schools in order that they understand the focus and intended impact of the DEIPB activities
  • Improvements – A focus on improving specific learner outcomes for targeted population and schools

About the School Development Support Agency (SDSA)

The SDSA is a not-for-profit organisation that provides management for a range of large school partnerships and significant improvement projects.

About the Strategic School Improvement Fund (SSIF)

Project READ was funded through SSIF: a Department for Education grant to support schools. It was intended to further build a school-led system, and aimed to target resources at the schools most in need to improve school performance and pupil attainment.