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'Let's tune into sounds!' at St Oswald's Ladybirds Pre-School

About our school

Established since 1987 and classed as Good by Ofsted, we provide high quality care for children aged between two and five years old ensuring that our children have the very best start to their education. We have very good links with St. Oswald's Infant School but we operate as a preschool independently. We are able to work together to foster good relationships and ensure continuity of learning. We visit the school regularly before the children start school.


We plan Phase 1 Letters and Sounds activities into our daily routine - with lots of music, songs and rhymes. In addition, we make the most of incidental opportunities to encourage the children to listen to sounds in the environment, to have fun with making music and to talk about sounds. These skills help the children in lots of ways: they develop vocabulary, their interest in the world and help them to tune into the sounds in words so they are ready for Phase 2 phonics sessions,


The filming took place during one morning session in January 2019.


1. Getting ready to read Becky explains how Letters and Sounds Phase 1 activities help to prepare the children to tune into the sounds in words.

2. Circle Time - Welcome songs Each morning, the children take part in circle time, which usually begins with two songs.

3. Circle Time - Becky D's Box Becky encourages the children to listen to the sounds of the musical instruments, to make the sounds themselves with the instruments, to sing and to label the instruments with the correct names.

4. Outside - Listening ears Becky encourages the children to listen carefully to the sounds they can hear - and then to talk about them.

5. Outside - Parachute game To play this game, the children follow instructions, take turns, and make the sounds of animals - all skills which encourage their ability to tune into sounds as they have fun.


As the clips show, we all thoroughly enjoy our circle time together and our games outside! 

Next steps

Have a look at the case study from St. Oswald's Primary School which shows Di teaching a Phase 3 phonics session. In this session, the children draw on their Phase 1 skills to hear the sounds in the words they are learning to read.


Becky Dutton, St Oswald's Ladybirds Pre-School, Ashbourne, Derbyshire.

Additional information

Would you like to take part in a phonics project in your school or with pre-schools and nurseries as a cluster event? Bespoke training can be arranged to meet your cluster's needs. In addition, Project Phonics EYFS - KS1 is a collaborative CPD opportunity available to primary school clusters in Derbyshire. It builds on the robust foundations of Project READ. It will enable schools not involved in the original project to participate in similar, collaborative school improvement projects. Participating schools work in partnership with Derbyshire's Teaching, Learning and Assessment Consultants and with Specialist Leaders of Education from Derbyshire's Teaching Schools. Contact for more information.

1. Getting ready to read. Password for all clips: projectread
2. Circle Time - Welcome songs
3. Circle Time - Becky D's Box
4. Outside - Listening ears
5. Outside - Parachute game
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