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Reading Buddies at Brockley Primary School

About our school

Brockley Primary School is a safe, welcoming and nurturing school that offers a sense of belonging. We are a growing and improving school and we pride ourselves that we know each and every child inside out. We do our best to help each child find their strengths and talents so that they will flourish and be challenged.


To create opportunities for readers to read together.


Reading Buddies read with their partner for one session each week.


We started our Reading Buddy programme as part of Project READ, using the resources on the website. Children take part enthusiastically, as readers and as Reading Buddies.


Next steps


Mrs Rodgers, Headteacher, Brockley Primary School.

01246 823344

Additional information

Resources to use in your school to set up a reading buddy programme are freely available on this website.

1.Be a Reading Buddy!
2.Our job as reading buddies
3.Smiley faces and stickers
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